We’re back!

Hi All

Yes indeed, we are back online with our site and blogs.  Everything is good again.  Thank you all for your patience.

Hacking seems to becoming more prevalent and common that people like us are spending more time defending our sites.

It was decided that we took all our sites down to make it safer for and protect everyone from malware.  We had become overwhelmed with hits from all around the world.

We have done a lot of cleaning up, installed even more robust security and malware detection and protection and as such we’re good to go again.

Some links, especially to some of our dogs’ blogs may not work as some info was lost as a result of bad people messing with our files.  You can contact us if you have any issues seeing our pages.

We will still be making little ‘techie tweaks’ over the coming days but nothing to worry about, just making things look pretty in the back office and monitoring our defences.

Thanks again for your patience and sticking with us.


About Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme

UK registered charity, born December 2003 to raise and train German Shepherd Dogs, the original guide dog, as guides for blind people in the UK.
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3 Responses to We’re back!

  1. Shaun Brown says:

    Hello. Is the stall on Radcliffe market coming back? Have a load of stamps to give. Shaun

  2. Shaun Brown says:

    Hello. Is your stall coming back to Radcliffe market? Lots of stamps to give. Shaun.

    • Hi Shaun

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      As you may / may not know, Radcliffe Market has been closed for a while for refurbishment works. Until these are complete and we get the new set-up details from meetings, then I can’t really answer for sure but all going well, yes we’d love to be back in there.

      We won’t know much more until around February 2015.

      However, if you send an email to admin@pathfinderdogs.org we’ll see if an arrangement can be made to get those stamps from you.


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